alarming gsm fire department


Alarming with SMS


SMS Fire department

Former Name: DigiPager2BlueBoxII

Connects serial data from an RS232 interface with The.Blue.Box-II

A fire alarm system has a printer interface. These prints all essential information. The SerialData-to-BlueBox takes this data and transfers it to The.Blue.Box-II.

A digital pager in a charging dock (with RS232 output) is connected to the SerialData-to-BlueBox. The text will transferred to The.Blue.Box-II.

Works with:
Siemens fire alarm system
Esser fire-alarm-system

Die.Blue.Box-II for alarming with SMS

Fast alarming fire departments with SMS. POCSAG, RIC, 5-Ton, ZVEI4.7 out of 5 based on 68 reviews