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Swissphone IDEA Express sms entschlüsselt

Further development of „SerialData to BlueBox“:

The (as POCSAG data) transmitted texts can receive from the „SerialData to BlueBox“ and can transfer to different BlueBox groups. Differentiation is about the RIC codes. Thus, several fire brigades can share one Blue.Box-II (16 groups). It can

also encrypted messages send as SMS.

DigiAlarm an BlueBox

New development:



allows the connection of digital alarm (DME, text pager, POCSAG code) to The.Blue.Box-II. The integrated receiver has a wide coverage area. It covers all common frequencies for digital alarm. The frequency may be set freely. Up to 50 RIC code can be programmed. The alarm texts are sent from the BlueBox II as SMS.


* Integrated receiver 4m, 2m, 70cm (all major fire service bands)
* POCSAG (512 and 1200 baud)
* 50 RIC codes via Config software programmable

USB - Schnittstelle für Die.Blue.Box-II

Integrated USB interface for The.Blue.Box-II:

new laptops usually do not have a serial RS232 interface anymore. a

integrated USB interface

now enables the direct connection for programming. Older boxes can be retrofitted.

Die.Blue.Box-II for alarming with SMS

Fast alarming fire departments with SMS. POCSAG, RIC, 5-Ton, ZVEI4.7 out of 5 based on 68 reviews