analog 5-Ton ZVEI SMS
SMS Rettung alarmieren GSM
Alarmieren Rettung Feuerwehr GSM SMS
This accessory device is connected to the speaker output of a receiver and hears the analog 5-tone alarms with. Fits the loop with one of the stored 5-tone loops, the associated text is passed to the desired group to The.Blue.Box and sended by this. Up to 99 5-Tone codes can be stored. The power is supplied from the Blue.Box and thus has a battery supply.


5-Ton2BlueBox instruction manual

Version 1.4


5-Ton2BlueBox Configuration program

Version 1.4

low-frequency-input for connection to a receiver.
Evaluates and displays alarm / dual tones (fire, sample-alarm, wake-up call) from.

99 memories for each
1 5-tone code
1 Blue.Box-group
1 text

60 time windows (daily, weekly, monthly) to redirect the sample alarms.

Connection cable to the Blue.Box included
Voltage outputs for powering for a receiver (also in case of power failure) 3V, 6V, 9V, 12V
4-line LCD display for programming
The power is supplied from The.Blue.Box-II and also in case of power failure from the battery.

Die.Blue.Box-II for alarming with SMS

Fast alarming fire departments with SMS. POCSAG, RIC, 5-Ton, ZVEI4.7 out of 5 based on 68 reviews